Spiritual Life

Jubilee Christian School is dedicated to promoting a Christian worldview and providing for the spiritual formation and discipleship of every student and their family. It is the goal of the school to equip our students with the knowledge and understanding of who God is, that He deeply loves and cares for them, and that they are uniquely created in His image, to honor Him and reflect His glory, and to be His representatives to the world (Genesis 1:26-28).  We believe that this will provide each student the best opportunity to develop Christian values, a Christ-like character, and become a strong Christian leader.  Jubilee Christian School is dedicated to using a variety of methods and tools in order to promote and facilitate the spiritual formation of the school community.  These include, but are not limited to a yearly spiritual theme that includes weekly scripture verses, daily prayer and devotions, worship opportunities, weekly chapels, daily classroom Bible instruction, various outreach opportunities, the practice of various spiritual disciplines, acknowledgement of spiritual and character growth, one to one mentoring and discipleship opportunities, and a faculty and staff who are committed disciples of Jesus and promote the “Great Commission” of making disciples of Jesus and teaching every student all that He has commanded.

Each year at the beginning of November, the middle school students go on a spiritual retreat to help them grow closer to God and to bond as a group.  The retreat includes: daily worship, prayer, times of reflection and scripture meditation, and a Bible study led by guest pastors and the Bible teacher.