Jaguar Academy

Jubilee Christian School believes in providing the highest quality of education for every student. To meet this goal, we have adopted a three-tiered approach to instruction. Jaguar Academy has been established to provide academic instructional support to our students who have demonstrated need for additional assistance. This process, known nationally as Response to Intervention (RTI), gained attention when federal law established the three-tiered approach beyond the core curriculum.

Tier 1 is the instruction that teachers’ already, normally, provide in the classroom setting. Tier 2 includes modifications and accommodations allowed and given by the teacher to assist the student.  Tier 3 is a high intensity intervention and tutoring program, provided after school or during the instructional day for some students with pull-out, during their elective period.

Tier 3, RTI, Intervention and tutoring is a skilled based and focused period of instruction that focuses on one designated academic topic. During RTI we apply concentrated instruction to a specific area of concern. RTI strives to equip students with tools and strategies to aid them to be successful in their general classroom. During RTI students receive individualized help and attention. RTI is provided in English Language Arts, as well as in, Mathematics.