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At Jubilee Christian School we are simply Blessed by our students, parents and our local community and that is why we love hearing from them. If you would like to write us your thoughts as a testimonial we would love to hear it. Please submit your testimonial to Jubileeinfo@go2faith.com

“Jubilee’s Principal, Teachers and Staff address head on the difficult task of academically teaching our children while never losing sight of the spiritual importance of a Biblical foundation. Proverbs 22:6, Deuteronomy 4:9.”


“My child is very happy here. He has grown so much both academically and spiritually in just a small frame of time. I am very happy and would recommend this school to anybody.”


“Jubilee is a great Christian school! The teachers and staff provide a loving learning environment that builds a great foundation with the student’s education. Our daughter will continue to attend Jubilee until she graduates! We are blessed to be a part of the Jubilee families!”


“I love how Chapel is held almost every Wednesday & that the different grades even take turns hosting Chapel. I also like how pastors & other guest speakers are even brought in to further teach the kids about Christ. It is very convenient & informational to be able to see my son’s grades, attendance & curriculum on Renweb.”


“My daughter continues to grow into a Godly Young Teenager. She enjoys going to school every day and is focused on her homework. She has a big heart to always do well. I truly have enjoyed Jubilee Christian school at each grade level. The teachers have been fantastic. This school is truly a blessing.”


“This is a school where students can get a faith-based curriculum that prepares them for high school on an educational and spiritual level.”


“While we are not Christian, we see the value in the curriculum Jubilee teaches. Our son has developed very rapidly and so far has been given excellent learning tools. More importantly the staff at Jubilee exhibits patience and kindness when dealing with the students.”


“In the short time that our daughter has attended Jubilee she had grown exponentially in her relationship with The Lord. She is our prayer leader at home and enjoys conversing about God.”


“I love driving into the parking lot & hearing my son say “I love Jubilee so much.” My heart is warmed every time I hear him say that. I am thankful that my son feels loved & cared for every day.”


“I am very pleased with the spiritual & academic foundation that is provided at Jubilee. I continually see my daughter flourish in all aspects of her education and am proud of her achievements. She would not be where she is now without the dedication of each and every one of her teachers. Thank you Jubilee!”