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Mission, Philosophy & Vision

Our Mission is to challenge each child to reach her or his full intellectual, spiritual, creative, physical and social potential through a fully integrated curriculum. We encourage students to become life-long learners by developing intellectual curiosity and a thirst for discovery and achievement. We strive to create a diverse community that fosters mutual respect, Christian Values and social responsibility, enhanced by a strong partnership between home, school, church and community.

Our Philosophy at Jubilee Christian School was established to provide a safe and secure place for children to grow and learn throughout their Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School years. Jubilee’s Christian based environment is designed to encourage and grow strong Christian Leaders. We believe that each child who enters our school is a special and unique gift of God.

Jubilee provides a loving environment integrated with a carefully supervised and well balanced program of activities and curriculum.  The Preschool, Elementary and Middle School adhere to the National and California Common Core Content Standards. We believe in high academics and provide an environment where every child can reach their full potential. We invite parent participation and consider it our privilege and responsibility to partner with parents to help each child become the very best at what the Lord would have them pursue.

We believe that teachers who demonstrate a strong Christian walk filled with the fruit of the Holy Spirit, combined with a balanced and positive attitude, are best suited to teach children. All members of our staff have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, are active in church and believe that they have been anointed by God to teach children.

All staff members also meet or exceed the approved standards for education and experience set forth by the State of California.  In addition, our staff members pursue further professional growth by means of continued education and seminars.

Jubilee Christian School is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and is currently pursuing accreditation with both ACSI and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

 Our Vision at Jubilee Christian School is being committed to provide excellence in programs for the development of the individual child academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically.


Creating a blueprint of instructional strategies for each student to reach academic success in each content area.


Learning the Word of God and applying it to everyday situations.


Integrating Biblical character development lessons along with a strong leadership training program.


Assisting in the natural, God given patterns of physical development in children through a fitness program that includes individual skills and group activities.


Inspiring self-esteem and self-motivation by establishing attainable goals for each student.